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Judgement day

 投稿者:江戸川スリム  投稿日:2008年10月22日(水)06時40分13秒
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幸いにも、Judgement dayについては以前書き出したものがあったので転記します。

What you gonna do on Judgement day
Your times run out now, you can't stay
Screamin' and cryin', you got to go
But hurry, Saint Peter
Won't you hold that door

*Yes, I'm comin' ×3
Feel like my time ain't long

When I did you can bury me deep
Put tombstone, women
At my head and feet
Fold my arms across my chest
You tell my friends that I've gone to rest


When I'm dead, right there in my grave
You gonna be sorry
That you treated me like a slave
There's no one to take my place
You gonna cry your blues away


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